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Golden Brown Eggs

Big with Rich 

Dark Yolks

Why You'll Love Our Eggs

Our pastured eggs have a golden brown shell, firm white, with rich dark yolks. The layer hens are on pasture whenever the weather permits. The pastured chickens hens are moved every day so they have fresh bugs and fresh eggs. With the ability to range as far as they like, the layer hens are well exercised. They are given the freedom to roam; they truly are happy, humanely treated, pastured layer hens.

What do our hens eat?

Our layer hens eat a Non-GMO and Non-Soy layer mash. They have free access to all the food and water they would like. In addition they forage thru our pastures eating grass, insects, and or whatever bugs they can find.

Here are the ingredients of the mash they eat every day:

  • Rolled Corn

  • Fish Meal - NOPA compliant

  • (Calcium chips, Oyster shells, Aragonite)

  • Rolled Peas

  • Poultry nutri-balancer - Special mineral mix

  • Alfalfa Meal

With all of this care and thought into their well-being, our hens produce the best tasting and healthiest eggs available.



"I have purchased eggs at the Arlington Farmer's Market, MOMs Organic Market and Whole Foods Market in Northern Virginia and your farm eggs are hands down, absolutely the BEST. I have patients who thought they were allergic to eggs who can enjoy yours because in fact they were reacting to the soy feed to chickens in most other eggs. Thank you for providing such a high quality and delicious product!! We LOVE your eggs!!" - Julia

"Best eggs ever! The yokes are deeply colored and the whites firm, simply the best pastured eggs I have ever had" - Kathleen

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