Humanely Treated

Laying Hens

Stoltzfoos Layers Egg Farm

The Egg Farm's Beginnings

In 2001, Stoltzfoos Layers Egg Farm was started by 15-year-old Delmar Stoltzfoos. He bought the first chicken pens from his dad's friends and stocked them with 200 layer hens from Moyer's Chicks.

Delmar reminisces, "I remember selling my first eggs to dove hunters. They stopped in because I had a little sign out front reading, 'Organic Eggs for Sale.' " From its humble beginnings, Stoltzfoos Layers is now a trusted name to deliver delicious, healthy brown eggs all over Pennsylvania and beyond.

Delmar started to sell to an organic wholesaler and retailer. The business continued to grow into a 600 layer hen operation with 40-45 dozen eggs sold a day. The egg business became certified organic.

In 2006, Delmar, at 21 years old, sold the egg business to his younger brother, Josh.

The Expanding Egg Farm

Josh Stoltzfoos took the egg business to new levels. He increased the number of layer hens. In a year's time, there were 800 layer hens. Josh used his ingenuity to remodel the chicken houses, making them more efficient, "green," and safe, comfortable homes for the chickens to live in.

Continuing to sell to the local organic wholesaler, he also began selling eggs to Natural by Nature and Pitango. Every year the demand for the pastured eggs became higher. People grew to love and depend on the farm-fresh quality eggs from Stoltzfoos Layers.

In 2009, Josh dropped the "certified organic" label because the customer base was more interested in high-quality, grass-fed, GMO and Soy free, humanely treated layer hens than the "organic" label. Starting in 2009, Josh designed and built several more chicken houses for the layer hens.

Josh made the egg farm business official in 2012. It became Stoltzfoos Layers. He moved the egg farm off his dad's property to a nearby farm where there was room to expand.

Josh's brother, Clifford, joined Stoltzfoos Layers in November 2012.  Since then, custom egg washing at their PA Dept of Ag certified plant, building mobile houses for other farmers, and increasing their own flock size to 4,000 birds, are only some of the changes that have happened over the past few years for Stoltzfoos Layers.  


As always, quality is top priority for Stoltzfoos Layers, and great satisfaction is taken in known that customers are being provided with the best eggs around!