Mobile Pasture Raised, Non-Soy, Non GMO - 5 Doz

Always collected and packed on the same day or day after order, our Mobile Pasture-Raised Eggs are Soy-Free, Non-GMO, and as Fresh as you can get! These eggs are clean but unwashed so as to preserve the natural protection that is on the egg when it is laid by our hens. The Eggs arrive in FLATS and not cartons as pictured above. We do this for maximum protection. 5 Dozen Order Minimum.

Mobile Pasture Raised, Non-Soy, Non GMO - 5 Doz

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  • What you can expect: 

    •  Fresh Eggs - Laid the day of or day after your order, but never before.
    •  Non-GMO Project Verifed
    •  SOY-FREE - We feed our chickens a variety of other healthier proteins. It does matter.
    •  Raised on a Organic Farm - Our Eggs are not certifed organic but the land is.
    •  Transparent Farming - If you browse our website, you see where are chickens live in every detail. Many farms hide that info.  
    • A solid 45 Days or more on the shelf life. Please refrigerate after recieving.
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