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Our Mobile Chicken House Standard Features

We are Egg Farmers, and we believe there should be a sustainable, dependable, and profitable way, to produce Mobile Pastured Eggs, so we set out to make it possible to have best quality as well as the best quantity. Regardless what profession you are in, efficiency and quality are 2 very important factors. So we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our Mobile Chicken Houses, as well as the life of our hens. 

Please review this page to see what options come standard in the latest model of our Mobile Chicken House.

Solar Powered

Each Mobile Chicken House comes equipped with a solar panel and battery bank that is more then enough to power all the automatic systems and keep things running smoothly. Say goodbye to generators and inverters! True Mobility.

Automatic Feeding System

The solar powered poultry feeding system allows you to keep your birds supplied with fresh feed all the time. This maximizes feed efficiency, quality, and distribution, which leads to better egg production.

Feed Storage

Each Mobile Chicken House comes with a feed bin that has a 1 ton capacity. This enables you to supply your chickens for a 7 to 10 day period before refilling is needed.

2 Tier Community Egg Nests

This 2 Tier, Roll-away, Community Egg Nest System allows the Hens to have plenty of nesting space. In addition, an excluder prevents the chickens from remaining inside the nest during the night time. The eggs roll away onto a belt that keeps them clean and protected. 

Have your own Mobile House and would like to upgrade the nests? 

Egg Gathering Station

An Egg belt system brings the eggs to  outside platforms that allow for easy, undisturbed access to the eggs. This makes it possible to gather quickly, and efficiently, into cartons or flats.

Fresh Water System

About 74% of an egg is made up of the water your hens drink. So having a good reliable source is important. Each Mobile Chicken House is equipped with a 150 Gal Water tank that last for approximately 2-3 days. This keeps the supply fresh and the hens healthy!

An external water bell can be added if needed to provide a water source outside the house.

Roosting Space

Plenty of Roosting space for the hens keep them comfortable and helps them all find a safe place inside every night.

Greenhouse Effect

Every Mobile Chicken House is covered in a very strong custom fabric that allows the house to be kept warm and bright inside with even a small amount of sunlight. During the warmer months or depending upon climate, a cover cloth is easily applied to keep the interior cool and shaded.


Also supported with Greenhouse metal framing, the mobile unit is able to withstand high winds. 

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