Chickens Live Pastured in Mobile Houses

How Our Chickens Live

Stoltzfoos Layer pastured chickens live in mobile chicken houses that allow them to move every day on to new pasture. This gives the chickens the opportunity to get fresh grass, insects and worms. The chicken houses are moved around 75 to 150 feet per day on a rotation.

  There is one exception to our "moved every day" rule. That exception is made when the ground freezes and snow falls. During this time we pull them inside a very large greenhouse that has dry bedding and protection from the brutal winter conditions. We never restrict them to the Greenhouse. They have access to the outdoors 24/7 thru doors and hatched in the ends and sides of our winter greenhouse. And for us and our hens, spring cannot come fast enough!  

These mobile chicken houses are 100% self sufficient and designed for mobile pastured chickens.

  • The mobile chicken houses are 12 wide by 24.5 feet long.

  • Each chicken house can hold up to 700 chickens at night.

  • Each pen has the water, feed, supply, and egg nest that is designed for quality pastured-eggs.

  • The egg mobile has a solar panel that charges the 12-volt battery pack, which provides power for light, feeders, and egg nest openers and more.

  • The feeder is automated and gets it electric source from the battery pack—powered by the sun.

  • The feed delivery system is designed for cleanliness.

  • As of 2015 we wash all eggs unless otherwise requested by our customers. We take the washing process very seriously. Check out our Egg Handling page to learn more.

Raising mobile pastured chickens has the risk of attracting predators. The chickens live with a guard dog(Frodo) to protect them.