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Egg Price Calculator 

Are you charging what you should?​

Fill in the requested info below to see what we estimate your daily/annual net profit to be with our system and your egg price.

Gross per day - Retail:

Gross per day - Wholesale:

Net per day - Retail:

Net per day - Wholesale:

Net per year - Retail:

Net per year - Wholesale:







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What is behind this calculation?

As you probably know, many different elements make up the cost of our eggs and consequently the price we need to charge. While it may appear oversimplified, it is not, and many calculations happen in the background.

We have benchmarked the numbers we see on our farm including packaging, time, logistics, etc, and have leveraged over 30 different expense categories and calculations to come up with the results you see in the calculator. 

The reason we ask for your labor cost is because it is calculated against the net profit of chickens. We have found far too many do not figure the cost of there own labor and end up not being sustainable. The number that remains is what you make after paying yourself whatever number you submitted. 


What is NOT included in this calculation?
  • Taxes

  • Certifications

  • Loan Interest Payments

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