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People Say Pastured Eggs Are The Best Ever

Customer Reviews


I have purchased eggs at the Arlington Farmer's Market, MOMs Organic Market and Whole Foods Market in Northern Virginia and your farm eggs are hands down, absolutely the BEST. I have patients who thought they were allergic to eggs who can enjoy yours because in fact they were reacting to the soy feed to chickens in most other eggs. Thank you for providing such a high quality and delicious product!! We LOVE your eggs!! - Julia



Best eggs ever! The yokes are deeply colored and the whites firm, simply the best pastured eggs I have ever had.
- Kathleen



You have the best eggs I have ever tasted. They are the deepest orange I have ever seen. I am sure they have the omega 3's I am seeking as a solution to the disaster that is the modern diet. - Michael


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eggs from your farm, so fresh and full of flavor! SO much better than store-bought. - Sandra

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