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Auto Closing/Opening Doors

This option can be added if you plan to close the pens at night. Powered off the solar and battery bank, these doors open and close at the time you specify and reopen accordingly. This is most commonly used if there is not predator control present.

Water Temperature Control

If you are planning to winter the chickens in this mobile chicken house it is recommended that you install this option. This enables you to use the water tank and nipple line without danger of ice forming and breaking the line. The temperature control in customizable and can be adjusted suit your needs.

This option also requires either an upgraded battery bank and inverter or access to standard 110v power. Our recommendation is to use 110v as the savings are significant.

Image coming soon.

Custom Options for your Mobile Chicken House

Some automation and conveniences are nice, but not for everyone and not always needed. Have a look and decide what is the best fit for your operation.

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